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WMBU Mailing List.... what is it?

If you are looking for a way to easily communicate with your fellow officials, you've just found it! No fuss, no muss. Just as simple as sending e-mail to a friend. After you subscribe you will be added to WMBU's mailing list and you will receive all mailings. Anything that is mailed in to the list is forwarded to you. Likewise, anything you submit to the list is automatically distributed to all the participants of the mailing list. If a question, comment, or tip is posted, anyone can respond and give their two cents. You'll be tapping in to everybody's knowledge and experience.

In consideration of other users, file attachments will be limited to a size of 100k. If you're new to the Board, you'll certainly benefit from the exchange. If you're a veteran, we ask you to please participate so that others might benefit from your experience. Not sure what to do.... Give it a try!

Once you join the list, you will be provided with the e-mail address to send postings.

p.s. If you know of a friend that doesn't know about this great tool, spread the word....

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